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JPML Reconsiders Centralization for Proton Pump Inhibitors

July 20, 2017


Video Transcription


Tighe Wilhelmy with Velawcity here to discuss the upcoming JPML Hearing on July 27th in Los Angeles, California where the panel will consider a new motion by plaintiff attorneys to centralize Proton-Pump-Inhibitor drugs in an MDL.


The hearing order list contains (163) cases for PPI products Nexium, Protonoix, Dexilant and Prilosec across more than 25 federal district courts. Plaintiffs allege that PPIs cause kidney injuries, such as acute interstitial nephiritis, chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease.


Now it should be noted that plaintiff attorneys were initially denied centralization by Judge David Herndon in the Southern District of Illinois in January of 2017. However, significant developments “warrant a second look at consideration”.


Needless to say, the JPMLs decision, which is likely to come during August, will be closely watched by many law firms and consumers, both wondering how the court views the efficacy of PPI cases as a whole.


For more information regarding medical device and pharmaceutical drug lawsuits, including case acquisition, contact Velawcity at (480) 970-1180. I’m Tighe Wilhelmy and thank you for watching.


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