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Essure Ban Lifted by Brazil

August 10, 2017


Video Transcription


Tighe Wilhelmy with Velawcity here to explain the decision on July 11th, 2017 by Brazil to lift the ban on Essure device sales. This comes as a result of Bayer presenting documents that detailed test results sought by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa). Bayer was initially unresponsive and thus, Brazil applied the ban.


In other international news for Essure, 400 women are set to file a lawsuit in France during September against Bayer. This is coupled with the discontinuation of Essure device sales in Canada, Finland and The United Kingdom.  


Essure has sold more than 1,000,000 devices worldwide.

Though according to Bayer’s annual report, they face over 3,700 lawsuits and lost approximately $413 million dollars in revenue during 2016 because of the Essure lawsuits. The birth control device’s side effects are said to include unwarranted pregnancies, chronic pain, uterus and fallopian tube perforations, device migration and more.


For more information on medical device and pharmaceutical drug lawsuits, please visit our website or call (480) 970-1180 to speak with a representative. I’m Tighe Wilhelmy with Velawcity and thank you for watching.  


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